The ZapThink Approach to SOA Implementation Drilldown

What is the best approach to putting SOA in production? Is it necessary to dive into the deep end and take a “pay and pray” approach to SOA implementation or is there a more logical, lower risk path to realizing the vision of SOA? In this workshop, ZapThink will discuss the steps that companies should take to move from today’s brittle infrastructures to loosely-coupled, process-centric SOA implementations.

The session begins with point-to-point Web Services implementations for integration, securing, managing, and adding process layers to these Services, implementing registries and management for loose coupling, moving to asynchronous invocations for greater reliability, and implementing a governance infrastructure for greater visibility and control. We’ll provide the big picture for SOA adoption as well as the details on how to actually go about implementing SOA in a logical progression of steps, each resulting in significant ROI.

Course Outline:

  • The integration problem
  • The SOA implementation roadmap
  • Building for Loose Coupling — the Service Contract
  • Building for Composition — Service-Oriented Process
  • Standards-based SOA: Web Services and SOA
  • New Requirements for Metadata Management
  • Emerging SOA Best Practices
  • Understanding the ROI of SOA
  • Dealing with the organizational issues of SOA

Course Objectives:

  • Learn about what it takes to make SOA a success
  • Understand the role of architecture
  • Learn the ZapThink Approach to SOA Implementation — the low risk path to SOA adoption
  • Hear about emerging best practices in SOA development
  • Learn about the ways to realize ROI with SOA

This presentation is part 2 of the full-day course. It is a pdf version of a 38-slide presentation.