ThoughtWorks: Focusing on the Technology of Web Services & SOA

ThoughtWorks is a midsize global IT consulting firm that offers custom software development, integration services, Web Services development, and enterprise architecture consulting. Rather than providing high-level business consulting, the company focuses its resources squarely on providing technology solutions to problems companies face. However, despite the seemingly narrow focus of the firm, the company offers true thought leadership, in particular in the area of distributed development using a global delivery model and agile methodologies, which both lowers their clients’ risk and helps them attract top-notch technical talent.

Specifically, ThoughtWorks has completed several Web Services and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) projects over the last few years, focusing on projects that involve legacy integration, leveraging their expertise with both the .NET and Java environments. ThoughtWorks’ technical depth, expertise with agile methodologies, and experience building SOA implementations positions them as a significant player in the SOA consulting marketplace.