Transformation Services for SOA

One of the age-old problems of application integration has been the mismatch between the data representation that one application provides and the data representation that another application expects. This data integration problem will limit the loose coupling between Service providers and consumers in Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) implementations unless there is an effective way to decouple the provider and consumer’s data representations.

Transformation Services convert data from one format to another, and decouple the data formats of Service providers and consumers, freeing the application developer to focus on functionality of the business process, rather than deal with possibly complex transformation logic.

Transformation Services also offload CPU-intensive transformations onto dedicated servers, and scale as necessary. Centralization of transformation logic and metadata also provides better opportunities for maintenance and monitoring of transformation activity and performance over time.

Xenos offers enterprises the transformation solutions they need to leverage data from any application, running on any system, regardless of original data format. In the context of a properly architected SOA, these solutions help to deliver on the promise of unimpeded data flow between applications.

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