Turbo Charging Information Integration for Service-Oriented Enterprises

An integrated data infrastructure is key to Web-enable access to operational data. XML, Java, federated queries, transformation and other technologies all play a role in these strategic information management efforts, but there’s been no clear path for IT to follow. Until now!

This presentation was from a free online seminar given by industry expert Ron Schmelzer, Analyst, ZapThink LLC, and Raining Data’s TigerLogic XML data management server team. The presentation shows how to learn how to take the pain out of enterprise information integration by rethinking the way you aggregate, store and manage data.

This presentation will introduce you to you XML-enabled mid-tier operational data servers — the latest concept in information management that can powerfully impact the scalability and performance of enterprise data architectures when accessing enterprise data, in addition to lowering development and support costs for maintaining healthy infrastructures.

You will learn how to cost-effectively use XML-based operational data servers to:

  • Get your company on the fast path to Web-enabling your enterprise and cost-effectively implementing XML access to aggregated data through Web services.
  • Substantially improve the processing and storage capacity of the mid-tier of your architectures, leveraging new ways to aggregate information from any source and any structure.
    Get high-performance query access to integrated information, including support for relational sources as well as XBRL, RIXML, MDDL and other standards-compliant data formats.