Understanding Service-Oriented Architectures

Integration is not about simply plugging two systems or organizations into
each other. The vision of “plug and play” application and system integration
is a pipe dream that may be appropriate for in the distant future, but right
now enterprises face the more immediate challenge of connecting arbitrary
systems in a manner that is cost effective, manageable, efficient and
secure. Ron Schmelzer, senior analyst, ZapThink, gives you soup-to-nuts
expertise for Web services and the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), as
they represent an approach for integrating systems using an abstracted
methodology called Service-Oriented Integration (SOI). Discover how Web
services is becoming a key element to simplify and enable integration
between legacy, heterogeneous and disparate systems.

Key questions answered: Are Web Services and SOAs something new, or just
another take on the distributed-system/CORBA/DCOM paradigm? Why do we need
them, and what leverage do they provide? How many organizations are
implementing them?

Gain real-world advice on:

  • The use of Web services for integration
  • How EAI and B2B integration are merging and what this means to you
  • Web services integration with mainframe and legacy applications
  • How SOI technologies and approaches solve lingering integration issues
  • Basic elements of SOI
  • Drivers and motivators for SOI adoption
  • Market segmentation
  • Key vendors and technologies in the SOI space