Web Services Management

Key Points:

  • The short term trend in the WSM market is primarily one of fragmentation. The longer term trend is to the SOAIF, as customers look to vendors to provide coordinated frameworks that offer not just management capabilities, but all the components needed to build, run, and manage SOAs.
  • The opportunities for new entrants in the Web Services Management market will peak in 2004-2005, and drop off rapidly thereafter as incumbents move to consolidate the market.
  • There is a rapidly closing window of opportunity for new entrants in the WSM space to achieve sufficient customer traction to establish themselves as successful WSM vendors.
  • Companies building enterprise SOAs require SOA enablement capabilities, including dependency management, active routing, protocol translation, metadata management, and Service provisioning.

Table of Contents:

  • I. Web Services Management: A Transitional Market
  • II. State of the WSM Market
    • 2.1. Vendor Landscape
      • 2.1.1. SOA Enablement
      • 2.1.2. Web Services Security
      • 2.1.3. Business Management
      • 2.1.4. Web Services Testing and Diagnostics
      • 2.1.5. Web Services Configuration and Provisioning
      • 2.1.6. Metadata Management
      • 2.1.7. Business-to-Business Web Services Management
      • 2.1.8. Core Web Services Management
      • 2.1.9. Vendor Landscape Summary
    • 2.2. Customer environment
  • III. Market Trends
    • 3.1. Market Numbers
  • IV. The ZapThink Take
    • 4.1. Key notes
    • 4.2. Decision points
    • 4.3. Figures
    • 4.4. Tables

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