Webify Solutions: Enabling Agile Business Ecosystems with SOBA

The need for business agility is compromised by the inability of existing IT architectures to deal effectively with change. Companies need to move from their current tightly-coupled, inflexible, and costly IT infrastructures to architectures that are more flexible, loosely coupled, and enable efficient and effective reuse of previous IT investments. The movement to Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) and Service-Oriented Business Applications (SOBA) promise to solve the seemingly intractable problem of business agility by providing a means by which business functions and processes can be consumed as “on demand services”.

While SOA sounds simple and straightforward in concept, implementing SOA and realizing its primary business benefits is complex and difficult in practice for most businesses. The real complexity comes in trying to achieve practical loose coupling and semantic interoperability in the face of IT heterogeneity. To address these needs, Webify Solutions aims to provide solutions for emerging Service-oriented Business Applications (SOBA) with their SOBA Suite and SOBA Fabric that provides “on demand” business collaboration for the insurance and health care industries.

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