Welcome to Eos – Dovel’s NLP Toolkit
2 Sep

Welcome to Eos – Dovel’s NLP Toolkit

With the avalanche of unstructured data generated daily, natural language processing (NLP), an element of artificial intelligence (AI), holds great potential to transform the federal government.

By recognizing patterns that exist in human language, NLP helps computers determine meanings and even deduce unspoken information. The purest forms of NLP widely used today include spell-checking, identifying spam emails, categorizing social responses, and virtual assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and chatbots. Today NLP brings robust solutions to a diverse number of opportunities, such as text summarization, topic modeling, sentiment analysis, information extraction, language translation, compliance, and risk management, among many others.

Federal agencies hold terabytes of unstructured data and as they move through their digital transformation journey, they’ll want to continue fine-tuning the insights the data is producing. The application of NLP solutions allows agencies to extract meaningful information from the unstructured text and has the potential to revolutionize decision-making, policymaking, and service delivery.

So, the question when using NLP solutions is where to start. The idea of creating a fully deployable NLP platform ready for consumption and implementation can be overwhelming and cause inaction. Some agencies don’t have the manpower, skillset, time, or resources to start from scratch or effectively make use of what they do have inhouse.

To meet this need, Dovel developed Eos, which removes the burden of infrastructure, knowledge, and time to help organizations get started today. Dovel’s Eos NLP Toolkit is a customizable and easily deployable set of NLP capabilities that can be utilized by any organization to solve a variety of business problems and extract information to help drive better decisions. Dovel provides Eos as a service to help agencies hit the ground running, enabling them to organize their information, get more out of their unstructured data, and launch programs that directly benefit end-users.

Dovel’s Eos NLP Toolkit offers NLP capabilities and is ready to be deployed in our client data centers or run as a SaaS in any cloud provider.

Visit us at http://discover.doveltech.com and sign up to access some of the various AI, machine learning (ML), and NLP capabilities Dovel offers. Users can see how the future of digital transformation in the government is automated with Eos and Dovel’s DigitalFirst/DigitalSmart™ framework.

Over the next few months, we’ll dive deeper into each of the capabilities offered in our Eos NLP toolkit.