Why SOA Governance Must Start at Development Time

Now that SOA is moving from the planning to the project levels, there is a clear need to manage SOA’s assets, as well as maximize its key values: Agility and reuse. Thus, the use of a well-defined and well-implemented SOA governance system is critical to the success of SOA. Choosing the right governance system requires that you carefully consider specific attributes of the enterprise domain, including an inventory of the major SOA resources such as data, Services, and processes, as well as interactions and dependencies, and how all relate to the notions of policy management, service agreements, and security. Clearly, these interrelationships are so complex and far reaching that a SOA governance system is an absolute necessity.

So, how do you select and implement a governance system? There are a few key things to consider as you define and build your SOA, and clear steps you must follow to achieve success. In this paper we’ll take a look at the concept of SOA governance, as well as the steps needed to implement governance within your SOA problem domain.

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