XML, Web Services & Service-Oriented Architectures Competitive Landscape

This interactive session will explore the emerging XML,
Web Services and Service-Oriented Architecture markets
and help attendees understand how various vendors are
positioning their products and services. Starting first
with definitions of the Web Services and SOA markets,
the instructors will discuss a roadmap to SOA adoption
that can guide an enterprise through its XML, Web
Services, and SOA projects. Attendees will learn which current business
requirements are addressed by Web Services and SOA solutions, what
products are on the market today that can help you with your Web
Services and SOA initiatives and what steps should be taken by a
company to build an SOA.

Key Issues:

  • Exploration of the different market segments for Web Services
    and Service-Oriented Architectures

  • The roadmap for Web Services and SOA adoption
  • Key vendor solutions for each Web Services and
    SOA market segment

  • Growth accelerators and barriers to adoption for key
    Web Services and SOA solutions