ZapForum Webcast April 2005 — Controlling Your SOA

Presentation from April 2005 Webcast, starring guest experts Dan Foody, CTO, Actional and John Derrick, CEO of Conformative.


Setting the Stage: ZapThink Analysts

Listen to ZapThink analysts Jason Bloomberg and Ronald Schmelzer talk about Structuring Your Organization to Take Control of your SOA projects. What are the changes that companies must make today in their IT organizational structure to make adopting SOA a possibility, if not a reality?

Guest Expert: Dan Foody, CTO of Actional.

Dan will address the five key tenets of achieving true command and control of your SOA environment, and provide specific guidelines to enable companies to secure, deploy and manage Web services applications across the SOA lifecycle, with solutions that meet the needs of SOA stakeholders throughout the organization.

Guest Expert: John Derrick, CEO, Conformative Systems

John will show attendees how to take control over the performance and business return of their SOA and Web Services-based systems, and in the process dramatically lower the costs associated with the deployment and management of datacenter Web Services and XML-based applications.

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