ZapForum Webcast: “Transformation & Semantic Processing”

Guest Experts: Nash Palaniswamy, Director of System Architecture, Conformative Systems and Arvind Sinha, VP Business Development, Xambala


  • What are the key challenges of semantic integration?
  • Why is transformation important and difficult?
  • What are the keys to enabling efficient semantic processing and transformation?

Setting the Stage: ZapThink Analysts
Ever wonder how you can deal with two of the biggest and most significant challenges of dealing with data: transformation and semantics? Want to know how to massage the information such that any two parties can understand its context, or at the very least, have the tools to be able to enable that capability? Learn from two experts about how to optimize transformation and semantic processing on your network and turn information into a real asset.

Guest Expert: Nash Palaniswamy, Director of System Architecture, Conformative Systems

Paul will explain the various techniques available for XML parsing, transformation and validation. Learn about the impact
of XML processing on application servers and become aware of some real-world examples of transformation acceleration.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about the XML Processing Burden
  • Understand XML Processing options
  • Find out transformation Use Cases

Guest Expert: Arvind Sinha, VP Business Development, Xambala
Real-time processing of data streams has become an expanding area of IT activity.Arvind will explain what are current application aware computing requirements and what options are available for content routing, application acceleration, and application security.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand semantic processing of applications in the network
  • Learn about a low-latency infrastructure for real-time processing of arbitrary content including XML
  • Learn about event stream capabilities to query, filter and process streaming content including VLM (very large messages)

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