ZapNote: DreamFactory – Server-Less Rich Client for Web Services

Users are coming to expect increasingly greater interactivity from their distributed applications. They are demanding a set of rich user experience capabilities from their Web and composite applications that include visual interactivity elements and instant access to information they have become accustomed to as part of their desktop computing experience. In addition, businesses want to gain the operational and cost advantages of deploying applications over the Internet, but don’t want the limitations that Web browsers impose on user interfaces.

DreamFactory hopes to eliminate the trade-offs that companies must make between rich client interfaces and low-cost distributed computing by offering a 100% client-based rich client solution that leverages XML, Web Services, and Internet protocols. Rather than requiring a proprietary server or other server-side technology, DreamFactory’s solution enables companies to build rich client solutions based on WebSphere, WebLogic, .NET, and other standards-based applications and platforms.

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