ZapThink and Web Age Solutions Partner to Offer World-class SOA Training

BALTIMORE, MD — May 9, 2007 — In response to the significant skills gap for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), ZapThink and Web Age Solutions, today announce a partnership today to deliver world-class SOA training and knowledge transfer to large enterprises. ZapThink, the industry’s foremost experts and advisers in the field of SOA, joins with Web Age Solutions, a premier provider of SOA education and mentoring to offer training solutions aimed at key SOA roles including business analysts, managers, and architects. The companies also plan to develop a cross-functional hands-on SOA workshop, and Web Age Solutions will also serve as a Certified Licensed ZapThink Trainer for Licensed ZapThink Architect (LZA) Boot Camps and SOA credentialing.

“We’re aiming to transfer SOA knowledge and expertise to enterprises as early in their SOA adoption process as possible,” states Greg Wagner, Web Age’s VP of US Operations. “With targeted workshops and role-based training, we are able to provide our clients with essential insight into SOA strategy, design, governance, and implementation, to ensure that they adopt SOA correctly the first time. Without that kind of expertise, enterprises can make critical decisions that will add weeks or even months to their SOA adoption initiative, significantly increasing their investment in SOA.”

ZapThink recently published a ZapNote featuring Web Age Solutions, detailing the company’s capabilities for skills training to companies focused on online business. Using industry-standard and emerging methodologies, Web Age Solutions help their clients build efficient and cost-effective e-business systems. The company offers mentoring programs that support the rapid development of mission-critical applications, and their technicians transfer their skills and knowledge to help clients maintain success. A full suite of services–from initial consulting to full implementation of your e-business strategy–delivered by experienced technicians and teachers makes Web Age Solutions an ideal e-business consulting and training partner. The company provides e-business system training to clients including 40 of the Fortune 100.

“ZapThink believes that the single largest factor impacting long-term success of SOA and other Enterprise Architecture initiatives is the chronic lack of architecture skills and talent,” said Ronald Schmelzer, Senior Analyst with ZapThink. “Through our partnership with Web Age as well as a number of other significant initiatives ZapThink is launching in 2007, ZapThink aims to increase both the supply and quality of skilled resources to meet the burgeoning demand for SOA.”

About ZapThink, LLC
Founded in October 2000, ZapThink, LLC ( is an IT advisory and analysis firm that provides trusted advice and critical insight into the architectural and organizational changes brought about by the movement to XML, Web Services and Service Orientation. We provide our three target audiences of IT vendors, service providers and end-users a clear roadmap for standards-based, loosely coupled distributed computing — a vision of IT meeting the needs of the agile business. ZapThink is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. Its customers include Global 1000 firms and emerging businesses.

About Web Age Solutions, Inc.
Established in 1999, Web Age Solutions, Inc ( is a premier provider of technology and professional mentoring and education to the Fortune 500, Global 1000, and various government agencies. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada with US operations based out of Philadelphia, PA, Web Age has a significant North American presence. Through a combination of seasoned consultants, distributed partners, and virtual training deliveries, Web Age offers a commanding global presence with experience delivering knowledge transfer engagements on every continent around the globe.


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