ZapThink Announces New Service-Oriented Architecture Webcast “Radio Talk Show”

April Webcast on Controlling your SOA, May Webcast on the Great Debate between ESBs and Fabrics

WALTHAM, MA, March 3, 2005 — ZapThink is announcing a refreshing, new Webcast series aimed at the rapidly growing Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) market. Run like a call-in radio “talk show”, starting in April 2005, ZapThink will host a monthly online ZapForum Webcast. Each Webcast start with thought-provoking content lead by ZapThink SOA experts. After this session, the ZapForum Webcast will feature a guest or two who will present, speak, and take Q&A from online attendees. Afterwards, the rest of the hour is open to the audience for Q&A and shared experiences, who will call in with their own SOA challenges and issues. Attendance at each Webcast is free and open to all registered ZapThink users.

“Sometimes irreverent, often controversial, but always insightful, the goal of this Webcast is to grow the network of SOA users as well as solutions providers, and provide a means for them to have a dialogue with each other,” said Ronald Schmelzer, senior analyst with ZapThink, LLC. “The monthly online, call-in talk show-style ZapForum Webcasts give SOA pioneers the chance to hear from industry experts and tell us what’s really on their minds”

The first Webcast, on April 7, 2005, will be on the theme “Controlling your SOA” and will feature Dan Foody, CTO of Actional and John Derrick, CEO, Conformative Systems, as well as ZapThink analysts and show hosts Jason Bloomberg and Ron Schmelzer. The experts will speak on Structuring Your Organization to Take Control of your SOA projects, the five key tenets of achieving true command and control of your SOA environment, and taking control over the performance and business return of SOA and Web Services-based systems. In addition, the hosts will solicit audience participation and questions throughout the show.

The second Webcast is on May 4, 2005, and is entitled “The Great Debate: ESBs, Fabrics, or Something Else?” This lively event will feature the ZapThink analysts as hosts and moderators, as well as Gordon Van Huizen from Sonic Systems, and Frank Martinez from Blue Titan. Topics discussed include the emerging infrastructural patterns for SOA implementation, how an SOA Fabric can be used to create integrated Services networks that are adaptable, scalable and resilient, and how an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) overcomes limitations of monolithic integration brokers and application servers to create an event-driven enterprise SOA. And of course, audience participation and call-in questions throughout.