ZapThink SOA Day with Swiss Client

SOA Big Picture

  • What’s SOA
  • Web Services in the present and in the future
  • SOA implementation roadmap (how do companies address this topic
    taking into consideration J2EE is implemented)

  • SOA enablement

What’s a service

  • Granularity
  • Context/domain dependency
  • ownership
  • how to identify services (process)

SOA “Operation”

  • Service Mgt (content, functionality,…) business focus
  • what does SOA mean/change for datacenter operation (ChangeMgt,
  • ReleaseMgt, Monitoring, …)
  • MetaData Mgt requirements, e.g. service interfaces
  • Service Directory (special focus on this part)
    • roles to be supported
    • products

WebService Standards

  • availability of standards, standards currently under develoment
  • implemented standards (market acceptance)
  • e.g.SOAP (doc oriented vs. RPC)

SOA general concepts

  • Security
  • Transactions
  • ErrorHandling

SOA development

  • developement methodology (develop, automation of deploy, config)
  • Tools, e.g. interface description, XML language binding, …

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