ZapThinkTank 2003: Web Services and SOA Implementation Roadmap

Financial services and insurance firms today are struggling with the best way to implement IT infrastructures that enable business agility. Service-oriented architectures based on Web Services provide cost-effective approaches to achieving companies’ agility goals. This session provides companies of all sizes and industries an approach to implementing Service-oriented architectures in a way that provides return-on-investment (ROI) at each step along the path toward agile IT infrastructures.
We will discuss the steps and phases by which these companies can move from today’s brittle infrastructures to loosely-coupled, coarse-grained, asynchronous SOAs. The session covers concepts in point-to-point Web Services implementations for integration, securing, managing, and adding process layers to these services, implementing registries and management for loose coupling, moving to asynchronous invocations for greater reliability, and concepts in virtualization, grid computing, and more. We’ll provide the big picture for SOA adoption as well as the details on how to actually go about implementing SOAs in a logical progression of steps, each resulting in significant ROI.

Session attendees will learn:

  • The different value propositions for SOAs, and how to communicate them within an organization
    When a simple Web Services project is sufficient, and when it’s not

  • How to phase an SOA project so that each phase has a positive ROI
  • How to identify problems that are appropriate for Service-oriented solutions
  • What aspects of an SOA should be implemented first, and which aspects can wait until later

Download the Full ZapThinkTank 2003: Web Services and SOA Implementation Roadmap Report Here