The Innovation and Technology Group (ITG) leads all innovation and technology initiatives and advancements for the organization. It is a cross-functional team that fosters partnerships and knowledge sharing to build solutions to address the most complex problems facing our customers.

The ITG, led by Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Data Scientist, Dr. Rod Fontecilla, along with Chief Technology Officers Vinay Manne and Stan Skorodumov, focuses on Dovel’s advanced technologies:

The ITG drives the development of innovative solutions, conducts company-wide training, and is a leading voice on significant trends around emerging technologies, tools, and processes. The ITG developed a digital platform, Discover, to serve as a lab and a showroom for the Company’s technical solutions that span the IT spectrum: full lifecycle software development using agile processes, Cloud integration, hybrid deployments, and advanced data analytics. A representative sample of our solutions include:

Visit Discover to see a variety of our technical solutions that showcase Dovel's innovation.

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Digital Smart / Digital First Framework™

Methodology to help agencies assess where they are today in their digital transformation initiatives and help them identify the right level of digitization needed to support mission and business objectives.

Cloud Accelerator Platform™

Designed to offer full lifecycle managed Cloud services to customers and simplifies and accelerates their Cloud migration journey to enable innovation in a repeatable and reusable manner.

Intelligent Data Processing Framework™

Ingests regulatory documents by using robotics processing automation (RPA) to extract metadata using natural language processing (NLP).


Customizable and easily deployable set of NLP capabilities that can be utilized by any organization to solve a variety of business problems and highlight information to help drive better decisions.