Dovel's Complex Systems Integration Technology Solutions

The integration of disparate systems is critical to meeting government goals for transparency and efficiency. Dovel helps to bridge gaps between systems for seamless management and user experience.

Benchmarking and Quality

Dovel strives for excellence in software development. We benchmark our performance regularly and our results have been recognized as elite in the industry.

Cloud Technology

To realize the efficiencies of cloud, solutions must be architected to take advantage of modern computing technology as well as respect legacy systems. Our team has been helping customers make the move to cloud through thoughtful migrations and innovative development.

Interagency Integration

To enable a better citizen experience with government services, agencies have to share data. We design solutions that enable sharing while maintaining the unique requirements of each party involved.

Mission-Focused Technology

Our unique combination of domain and technical experts ensures that the right technology is chosen and implemented to create cost effective and efficient solutions enabling organizations to focus on their mission.

Modern and Legacy Ecosystems

Our enterprise architects can define a roadmap that incorporates customers’ unique technology requirements and transforms applications into modern, user-centered, scalable cloud native services.

Modularity and Reusability

Build once, use many ways. We use microservices design patterns to create platforms of services that be combined in different ways to support specific current and anticipated mission needs.

Portal and Hybrid Environments

Our team builds solutions that meet users where and how they want to work. We can build a fully-cloud enabled portal and integrate with legacy on-premise systems.

Seamless User Experience

We employ user-centered design to provide the experience users deserve, creating a system that helps them get their work done.

Strategy Architecture & Design

Our solutions are designed with the business in mind. We take an ecosystem view of IT and design solutions that are highly aligned, but loosely coupled so they can be implemented in the constraints of an organization’s resources.

System Interoperability

Dovel creates value-added interoperability between disparate systems to increase user insight and productivity through information exchange and automation.