Dovel's Information Management Technology Solutions

With the amount of data growing exponentially, it’s not enough to simply have all the information. Organizations must be able to transform growing data sets into meaningful actions. Dovel creates innovative solutions that directly access the data layer in support of customers’ missions.

Big Data Visualization and Analytics

With the data available to federal agencies, it is critical that systems present the most relevant information in a visual way that can be quickly grasped and acted upon.

Business Intelligence

Better decision making is driven by better understanding of data. Our business intelligence solutions enable more informed decision making by integrating predictive analytics with business workflows.

Compliance and Assurance

We help customers meet mandate requirements while also managing all associated risks.

Cyber Security

Our solutions integrate security in every phase of the development lifecycle.

Data Interoperability

We deliver value-added interoperability with the combination of our deep domain and technical expertise, providing the right level of system integration.

Knowledge Management

We build solutions that capture the insights of daily work and apply it for more efficient processes.

Machine Learning

Using the latest machine learning techniques to boost user productivity and anticipate risks to organizations, our solutions use data to deliver predictive insights for more efficient decision-making.

Natural Language Processing

We design solutions that bridge the gap between human and machine language for more effective and accurate data analysis.

Semantic Infrastructure

Our team develops shared and computable data standards, descriptions, and representation to ensure accurate data management.