ZapThink President on World Tour

While we’ve always thought of him as a rock star of emerging technology, Jason Bloomberg has been living the jet set life fulfilling speaking engagements worldwide. Recent and upcoming gigs include:

  • Open Group Conference, San Francisco – “Building RESTful Clouds: An Architect’s Approach”
  • Cloud/GOV 2012, Washington, DC – “EA Context for Cloud”
  • Cloud Computing for Architects, London UK – “Cloud Computing for Architects”
  • Open Group Conference, Cannes France – “Building RESTful Clouds: An Architect’s Approach”
  • Enterprise Data World, Atlanta
  • The Business of Cloud Computing Dallas — The cloud mandate at the federal government: Driving cloud adoption globally

If you are interested in getting on Jason’s tour schedule contact

About Dovel Technologies

Dovel Technologies provides high-end software and application development to government clients. Dovel is recognized as an industry leader in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), using the approach to create low-impact approaches to process, communicate, and store mission critical information. Clients include Food and Drug Administration, Department of Defense, U.S Census Bureau, Department of Education, and the Federal Aviation Administration. Dovèl has been appraised at CMMI level 3 and its annual quality report receives accolades from industry leaders such as Capers Jones, who has listed Dovel in the category of ”Companies That Utilize Best Practices” along with IBM, Amazon, Google, and Apple. To learn more visit

Founded in October 2000, ZapThink, LLC ( is an information technology strategy advisory firm. As a recognized authority and master of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Enterprise Architecture, ZapThink provides its audience of IT practitioners, consultants, and technology vendors with practical advice, guidance, education, and mentorship solutions that assist companies in leveraging architecture to meet their business needs and presenting viable solutions to the market. We provide this audience a clear roadmap for standards-based, loosely coupled distributed computing – a vision of IT meeting the needs of the agile business.

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